ARI Webinar: Sidney M. Baker, M.D.
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It's Not That Complicated - Maps for Navigating the Path to Healing

Effective, scientifically supported treatments for autism (webinar recorded live, Sept. 19th, 2012).

An efficient partnership between clinician and patients/parents is favored if they share a good mental map to find directions to answering two basic questions: a) What's the next step? and b) Have we done everything we can for this child? Allow me to present the simple principle and mental pictures that help me and my patients navigate the landscape where symptoms, lab tests, biochemistry, immunology, toxicology can intimidate the traveler seeking a path to efficient treatment options.

Dr. Sidney Baker is a former faculty member of Yale Medical School, where he received his medical and specialty training in pediatrics. He is former director of the Gesell Institute of Human Development. Dr. Baker's practice has gradually shifted from pediatrics and family medicine to treatment of adults and children with complex chronic illness. In private practice in Sag Harbor, NY, he is the author of Detoxification and Healing, Child Behavior (with Ilg and Ames), and We Band of Mothers: Autism, My Son & the Specific Carbohydrate Diet with Judith Chinitz; also, with Jon Pangborn, PhD, Autism: Effective Biomedical Treatments.