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Jon Pangborn, Ph.D. - one of the true pioneers in researching medical problems associated with autism - was a close colleague of Autism Society of America Founder Dr. Bernard Rimland and has been affiliated with Dr. Rimland s research organization The Autism Research Institute for more than 30 years. Their diligent work helped elevate the now-accepted notion that autism is usually an acquired disorder that should be treated comprehensively by addressing physical symptoms along with appropriate educational and behavioral supports.

Nutritional Supplement Use for Autistic Spectrum Disorder offers up-to-date discussions of safe and effective supplement use to address biochemical abnormalities in individuals with autism. It offers practical guidance for avoiding potentially toxic chemical stressors and exposure to infectious pathogens, including the latest recommendations for special diets and nutritional support.

This indispensable reference offers down-to-earth strategies for using nutritional supplements including practical do's and don'ts, a sample intervention schedule and tools for measuring progress. Dr. Pangborn provides the reader with authoritative information on a wide range of nutritional supplements as well as those supplements to be wary of in terms of safety, purity or the use of synthetics.

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