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Our original all-purpose  listserv, ARISupport, is active, with nearly 1,500 members.

Please note that ARI listservs are support groups for those interested in treating autism spectrum disorders. Such support groups are by definition exploratory more than explanatory, do not constitute a how-to manual, and are meant as an open forum for information and laymen's opinions, which might or might not lead to effective changes. 

List members should be cautious about accepting what sounds like the voice of authority on any matter, great or small, and should always consult a doctor before altering a treatment plan, even with products that are available without a prescription; safety testing is a concern. Any educational, legal, therapeutic, or medical opinions expressed therein are solely those of the individual, and should in no way be construed as legal or medical advice. Since these are support groups, rudeness or promotion of products or services is not tolerated.

ARI Support ListServ