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The Autism Research Institute conducts, sponsors and supports research on the underlying causes of and treatments for Autism Spectrum Disorder. Our grant application is available online and we are currently accepting applications from qualified research professionals. 

Application Window 2019

ARI's next grant application cycle will begin in January 2019.


About ARI's Research Grants

ARI research grants are made possible through generous donor support. 

The purpose of the ARI awards is to provide pilot funding for research that has the potential to develop into extramurally funded, scientifically significant research projects. Support is focused on new areas of research for young investigators and new avenues of research for established investigators. Applicants must be affiliated with a research institution to be considered.

Funding Period
Funding is for a twelve-month period; however, eighteen months is allowed to complete the project. Renewal grants (continuation of the same project awarded in the previous year) will be considered only in exceptional circumstances.

Amount of Awards
Most grants range from $5000 to $20,000 (USD) with a maximum of $30,000 under special circumstances.

Priorities for Funding
Priority will be given to: 1) junior investigators; 2) start-up or seed efforts that represent new and promising areas of research; 3) projects that are likely to attract additional extramural funding; and 4) senior investigators pursuing new areas. 

Allowable Expenses
Expenditures may include: 1) equipment, 2) operating expenses including supplies and materials, and 3) salaries for laboratory personnel (e.g., mentored undergraduate and graduate students, post docs, research associates) are allowed but are limited to the year of the grant. No faculty salary or compensation is allowed. No travel expense is allowed unless justified as necessary for the research. No indirect costs are covered.


University or Center faculty and post-doctoral students are eligible to submit one proposal per year as the Principal Investigator (PI). Adjunct faculty, research assistants, for-profit companies, research associates and visiting faculty are not eligible to apply.

Application Format:  Cover page (250 words), narrative section (1,000-1,250 words), budget section,  biographical sketch (up to 500 words per investigator). The narrative and budget sections should total a maximum of 5 pages.
Review Process

Proposals are sent out to two external reviewers. Reviews are typically completed within 1-2 months. 

Submission - January 2019

Proposals will be accepted:

  • online - application link will be provided at a future date
  • via email
  • US Mail

Please contact ARI if you have any questions.

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