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Welcome to the Adults with ASD E-Bulletin! I am thrilled that ARI has initiated this quarterly newsletter devoted entirely to topics related to adults with autism spectrum conditions. While for years many in our community (autistic and neurotypical alike) have said the concerns of adults generally tend to take a back seat to media, research and information about children with ASD, few steps have been made to rectify this imbalance. With this publication, ARI, my co-editors and I hope to play at a least a small role in placing adults with autism, and the families and professionals who support them, more squarely on the map of our awareness about ASD.

 I want to thank ARI for providing this long-needed resource to families, professionals and individuals with ASD, and for giving me an opportunity to edit it. I wear many hats in my daily life as a person diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome, as a parent of a young adult with ASD, and as a writer, consultant and program developer for schools, organizations and agencies. My dream for the E-Bulletin is to provide us all with a forum to share perspectives and build new bridges of understanding, so that we can work more powerfully together when it comes to adults with autism and their concerns.

Valerie Paradiz, Ph.D.


(excerpt from first edition published Fall, 2010 - read more)

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