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The Voice Behind ARI's Helpline January 2007- August 2017:
Remembering Nancy Cale

Nancy Herndon Cale was the warm, compassionate voice behind ARI's helpline for more than a decade and often the first friend parents looking for support could reach.  She worked as an advocate for the autism community for more than 20 years. When her grandson was diagnosed with autism at age 3, in his honor, she co-founded Unlocking Autism where she worked to bring awareness to the growing epidemic, partnering with state and local government and eventually earning a Certificate of Special Congressional Recognition for her efforts. She continued to answer the hotline phone for Autism Research Institute until the day she was admitted to the hospital in August 2017.

In her own words:

"In 2006, with the death of Dr Rimland, I began taking the calls to ARI from parents and caregivers. Having manned the Unlocking Autism Call Center for several years, I knew what to expect and am humbled each and every day by the depth of the needs and concerns of those who call searching for help for their loved ones with autism. I have great appreciation for the "network" in the autism community that enables me to reach out across the country and around the world to find the resources I need to enable me to pass the help forward. More than 14 years ago when my family was desperately searching for help for my grandson I met so many concerned and caring people and I am happy knowing the generous heart of our community makes it possible to assure new parents, parents facing new struggles and adults looking for help, that WE can, together, find the help they need. Bless you all who take time to reach out to others as we work to make life better for those who ask for our help."

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