Disbanding the ARI Conference
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November 2012

At the Autism Research Institute we have focused on providing conferences that are unbiased and broad-reaching, to assist families in making informed treatment decisions. We also strive to provide professional education that gives thoughtful, inquisitive clinicians the means to offer support that is safe and effective. In addition, our think tanks offer a forum for researchers and clinicians to develop research agendas that include many different perspectives and disciplines.

We're canceling our ARI Conferences going forward so we can focus on offering webinars and online trainings with the respected presenters you have come to expect from ARI, as well as some new ones, such that we can support families and professionals all year round. We also plan to offer a variety of local events and presentations that will allow opportunities for families to come out and learn more without the challenge of travel.

Our think tank is one of our best programs, too productive to abandon. Once a year highly respected researchers and clinicians gather together to discuss current research and work toward answering critical questions about autism.  We remain committed to this program in order to continue driving productive research forward and provide a forum to encourage research collaborations; we intend to continue all of our other programs as well. But it's time to expand the model.

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