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ARI has published a quarterly newsletter, Autism Research Review International (ARRI), since 1987. The ARRI has received worldwide praise for its thoroughness and objectivity in reporting the current developments in biomedical and educational research. The latest findings are gleaned from a computer search of the 25,000 scientific and medical articles published every week.  A one-year subscription to the ARRI is $19.99 (U.S. funds; $23.99 outside the U.S. - includes shipping). Each issue is sent via first class mail. Keep up with the latest research updates - subscribe now.

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Printed Newsletter Archive - Alphabetical Article Index of Autism Research Review International
1987 to 2006, Volumes 1 to 20

Use the links below to view our alphabetical index of articles from back issues of our printed newsletter free of charge.

Succinct reviews of current biomedical and educational research on autistic children, based on ongoing review of pertinent world literature.

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