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Just a Normal Day

Never knowing what to say
Never knowing what to do
Always looking for clues
Just a normal day

Feeling unsure
Totally perplexed with everyday life
Always on edge never certain
I wish I could lift this curtain

Needing to constantly satisfy my need for information
Always online searching for new revelations
Going from site to site
Obtaining new insights every night

Trying to connect with people my age
Attempting to reveal my unique vision
But ending up alone and unengaged
Feeling like my life needs a total revision

Just a normal day
Can’t You See
Can’t you see

I just want to have a friend
Can’t you see

I need the same connections in the end
Can’t you see

I want a good job
Can’t you see

I need to have stability and independence and be part of the general mob
Can’t you see

I want to be independent on my own
Can’t you see

I want to be able to have my own home
Can’t you see

I want the same things as everyone else
Can’t you see

I want to be appreciated for myself


Acceptance of Autism

Wanting to be free
Wanting to be me
Trying to make people see
And accept the real me

Some people think my voice is too loud
And that my mannerisms strike them as being odd
This perception of me by others keeps me feeling blue
But there are plenty of struggles in life that I must get through

I am determined to show my critics my true personality
Hoping that people move away from their narrow-minded mentalities
I want them to know that I am a bright young man
Who is willing to take on as many challenges in life as I can

I want to make new friends and create a new start
I like to develop new relationships with an open heart
I hope to be accepted for the person that I am
So people can understand a true autistic man


About the Author
Scott Lentine is a 26-year-old man with high-functioning autism (PDD-NOS/Asperger’s). He resides in Billerica, MA, a suburb of Boston. He graduated from Merrimack College, magna cum laude, with a degree in Religious Studies and a Biology minor. He is employed at The Arc of Massachusetts, engaging lawmakers to pass key disability resources legislation. In the past two years, he has written poems about autism and other subjects and had my poems praised by the likes of folk singer Tom Rush, comedian Jonathan Katz, Irish folk singer Robbie O’Connell, journalists Sacha Pfeiffer and Lynn Jolicouer of the Boston NPR station WBUR. In the disability community, autism bloggers and activists like Susan Senator, Claire LaZebnik, Jess Wilson of the “Diary of a Mom” blog, John Elder Robison, Dr. Tony Attwood, and Stephen Shore have acknowledged his work. He also received a written note of support from President Obama.