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ARI's Autistic Global Initiative Team offers comprehensive professional development support to schools, agencies, companies, universities and other organizations that support adults with autism across the life span. Our trainings emphasize evidence-based and best practices, implementation strategies, and practical tools and assessments in the following areas of adult life:

  1. Daily Living and Residential Life
  2. Building Successful Transition Programs for Youth (16-22 years)
  3. Employment

AGI Daily Living/Residential Curriculum and Training
This comprehensive training is designed to support those who support individuals with autism in all aspects of daily life and wherever adults with autism may live. Course content includes the following seminar units:

  1. Autism: An Historical Perspective
  2. Person-Centered Approach
  3. Regulation
  4. Communication
  5. Applications
  6. Citizenship and Community Life
  7. Sexuality
  8. Safety
  9. Health and Wellness
  10. Supporting Transportation

The training package is scalable, encompassing up to six full days for the complete course. Recipients of the training receive a training manual that includes all learning activities and homework assignments, PowerPoint® slide decks, activities for building customized daily living portfolios for adults with autism, supplemental resources for every unit of instruction, pre- and post-assessments for training participants, pre- and post-assessments for adults on the spectrum who are supported by the curriculum training. For more information contact AGI.

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