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With a Targeted Family Services Grant generously provided by Autism Speaks, ARI's Autistic Global Initiative proudly announces the completion of the Daily Living/Residential Curriculum and Training for Direct Support Providers to Adults with Autism. Completed by a multi-disciplinary team of 15 curriculum experts across the United States, this first-of-its-kind training is designed to build capacity in residential adult services wherever adults with autism live, including in private homes with their families, group residential settings, assisted living, agricultural, and intentional communities.


The Curriculum Package

The 750-page curriculum package encompasses six full days of training and contains a wealth of information and hands-on tools for implementation, including

  • 10 learning units
  • PowerPoint® slide decks
  • Learning activities to reinforce seminar topics
  • Homework and practicum activities to practice implementation in direct-support settings
  • Activities for building customized daily living portfolios for adults with autism
  • Supplemental resources for every unit of instruction
  • Pre- and post-assessments for training participants
  • Pre- and post-assessments for adults on the spectrum who are supported by the curriculum training
  • Video material to reinforce learning objectives
  •  A 225-page supplement containing a compendium of all presenters’ notes for the 10 units of PowerPoint® slides

View a Sample

Click here to view a sample of Unit 10 of the curriculum, “Supporting Transportation,” which was co-developed by AGI Director, Valerie Paradiz, and curriculum experts of Easter Seals Project ACTION and the Ohio Center for Autism and Low Incidence (OCALI).


Next Steps
In order to meet the urgent need for capacity within the ASD residential services sector, AGI has completed this project as a first step toward the ultimate goal of creating a national certification for direct support providers to adults with autism. Next steps include the development of an online training course that is fully tested in a multiple-site validation study and that is informed by national standards in residential supports to those on the autism spectrum. AGI estimates a concentrated, 18-month timeline leading to the ultimate goal of debuting a national certification program by completing the following steps to ensure that course participants learn and practice best and evidence-based practice in support of adults with autism:

  1. Migration of the daily living/residential course materials to an online learning platform
  2. Pilot study to test the online learning design, make revisions prior to the validation study, and collect first data toward a validation study design
  3. Establishment, by an independent committee, of national standards in residential support to adults
  4. Six-site validation study of the web-based AGI Daily Living/Residential Curriculum and Training
  5. Launch of the national certification program

If your family, home or organization requires access to the training before the online certification is available, AGI offers on-site training and development.

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Curriculum Sample