About the AGI’s Young Leaders Division (YLD)
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About The Autistic Global Initiative: 

The Autistic Global Initiative, a program of the Autism Research Institute, is comprised of a team of adults diagnosed with autism spectrum conditions. Our members hail from all regions of the United States, representing the broad life span of autistic experience and expression. We are active as professionals and consultants in many fields within the autism community, including education, social work, medicine, employment, fitness and wellness, rehabilitation counseling and the visual and graphic arts.

AGI employs individuals on the autism spectrum as consultants to its special initiatives, which are determined annually by an executive advisory committee to the program. Consultants are matched to project-based activities based upon their skill sets, sensory and social accommodations, and areas of new learning they wish to pursue. In this way, AGI consultants mentor and train one another, while implementing national level initiatives and providing technical assistance to disability organizations.  

AGI provides technical assistance to disability organizations and agencies so that they may improve upon or refine best practices with regard to employment, support and representation of people with autism within their organizations, in their programs, research or fundraising efforts.

About The Young Leaders Division:

The Young Leaders Division (YLD) is a program of the Autistic Global Initiative that focuses on young adult life on the spectrum. The purpose of the Youth Division is to empower our youth and young adults with autism spectrum disorders through a multi-disciplinary approach.


Youth Division Goals and Objectives:

Employment and Self-Employment

Identify, Research, and Establish Models for Education


Peer-to-Peer Mentoring

Voicing Out for the More Involved Persons of Autism