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What is AGI?

The Autistic Global Initiative is a division of the Autism Research Institute that is self-directed by a committee of adults with autism who work in the disability and advocacy fields. Our mission is to foster the development of adults on the autism spectrum along with those who work with and for them. As a program of the Autism Research Institute, we are not a peer support or membership group. Rather, our partners hail from all regions of the United States, representing the broad life span of autistic experience and expression, a majority of whom work for ARI as consultants. Additionally, we are active as professionals and consultants in many fields within the autism community, including education, social work, medicine, employment, fitness and wellness, rehabilitation counseling and the visual and graphic arts.


What are AGI Initiatives?

AGI provides project-based, advisory and consulting services to the Autism Research Institute and to other organizations both nationally and globally. Our focus in on the life of adults with autism, including young adults in transition, and on supporting those who support us. Thus, our division offers technical assistance that is specific to how organizations can achieve best practice by integrating people with autism at all levels of operations, decision-making, research and effective implementation of supports.


How does AGI address the challenges and concerns of the adult autistic community?

AGI partners feel that solutions to many of the issues that face our community in adult services and adult live can be found within the adult autistic community itself. By designing and directing initiatives specific to adult concerns and to those who provide support to adults, the Autistic Global Initiative aims to be a part of the solution to the demand that lies before us.


Where are you located?

The Autism Research Institute has its headquarters in San Diego, California. The AGI office is located in Boulder, Colorado. For more information please contact [email protected] or call (720) 524-7232.


What is your relationship to ARI and other partners?

AGI is a program of ARI. While ARI primarily focuses on the medical aspects of autism, AGI builds partnerships with other organizations and develops initiatives and programs to build capacity in adult services nationally.


How do I subscribe to the latest AGI eBulletin, webinars and other resources?

If you are interested to a free subscription to the latest and archived AGI information, please visit www.autism.com and sign up for the ARI newsletters. With your free subscription, you will receive the AGI quarterly newsletter which highlights topics related to adults with autism spectrum conditions.


What is the AGI Young Leaders Division?

The purpose of the Young Leaders Division (YLD) is to empower our youth and young adults with autism spectrum disorders through project-based internships, part-time employment, and leadership learning opportunities.


What is the AGI Online Residential/Daily Living Course? Who should I contact for training resources?

For more information regarding technical assistance and other resources AGI provides, contact the program Executive Director: Valerie Paradiz, PhD Director, Autistic Global Initiative [email protected] (720) 524-7232