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I am very pleased to announce the formation of a new autism organization called the Global Autism Collaboration (GAC).  This organization was created in response to a global need for networking and communication among autism groups.  Although there are different perspectives among the autism groups, most share a common goal for a globally accepted standard of care and the elimination of discrimination.

The goal of the GAC is to disseminate information to organizations, which may, in turn, choose to distribute this to their members.  Such topics will include early diagnosis/intervention, treatment (e.g., behavioral, biomedical, education, and sensory), and adult issues (e.g., employment, law enforcement, and residential).  We also plan to set up free webinars to provide various forms of support, such as how to plan conferences and walks and conduct fund-raising.

If you are a representative of an organized not-for-profit autism group with 10 or more members, please consider joining the GAC; there is no charge to be a member.

We invite for-profit organizations to become supporters of the GAC.  Their annual sponsorship fee will be used to fund research, help disseminate information, and much more.

Click here to learn more about the structure of the GAC, and click here to complete the online application.

We are excited about offering this avenue for working together in positive and productive directions.  Although there is much work ahead, I truly believe a science-based, global standard of care is within our reach.


Steve Edelson, Ph.D.

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